leather goods

There’s nothing more stylish and classy than classic leather! If you are planning to buy an exquisite gift item for your office colleagues, clients, or employees, nothing can better than a unique leather item. We stock a complete range of leather goods for customers across UAE –

  1. Leather folders (bill folder, menu folder, special folder, or certificate folder)
  2. Desktop items
  3. Boxes, racks, trays
  4. Wallets
  5. Mouse pads
  6. Books, diaries journals, stationery,
  7.  Coasters and bottle holders

In spite of the presence of numerous leather goods dealers, Brand eSense has successfully carved a distinctive niche for its products. Our leather items are manufactured from authentic, original, and top-quality leather.

As we stock a diverse range of leather goods, customers can find products of their choices. Our prices are affordable which makes them highly popular amongst potential buyers. Wait no longer and plan your purchase with us today!